CINCINNATI — For new business owners, there are still struggles with opening the doors from rising costs to difficulty finding workers.

But for one new Cincinnati business owner, he takes pride in being a Black-owned business in an up-and-coming area. 

What You Need To Know

  • Fly By Nature is OTR's newest small business

  • Cam Mundon started the brand several years ago and is proud to open his first store

  • The shop is the only Black-owned business on Race Street, something Mundon takes pride in.

  • The store will celebrate its official grand opening in September

At Fly By Nature, the newest small business in the Over-The-Rhine district in downtown Cincinnati, every customer gets a chance to make their mark.

It’s a tradition business owner Cam Mundon started when he started this store, asking each customer to sign his wall.

Cam Mundon has customers sign the wall of his store. (Spectrum News 1/ Katie Kapusta

“They’re giving me motivation," Mundon said. "They’re excited to do it and it’s coming and happening as organic graffiti. So that was the vision.”

His other vision? Making this store come to life. Fly By Nature is an apparel store that has been in the works for years. Now Mundon will officially open the doors next month.

“This is my dream. I’ve always loved fashion," he said. "I’ve always liked people getting excited over what they put on they bodies. I’m the same way, I like to look nice and what people to have that experience. When I see this store, it’s just everything coming full circle.”

While the store is still a work in progress, Mundon is making sure everything is just right- including his branding. The duck, seemingly everywhere inside these four walls, represents Mundon’s older brother who died in 2001.

“He always looked good and carried himself in a way I wanted to follow," Mundon said. "So, it was only right, since my brand is called Fly By Nature, to incorporate the duck, incorporate my brother.”

The reminder of his brother and his own dreams and goals carries Mundon along- especially as the only black-owned business owner on Race Street- something Mundon takes pride in. 

“I wanted to put my space in an area that is easily accessible and this area doesn’t get too much better than OTR," Mundon said. "I wanted to put my business in a place that’s diverse. OTR is extremely diverse. I get all types of people that walk in my store from every walk of life.”

Mundon owns Fly By Nature in Over-The-Rhine. (Spectrum News 1/ Katie Kapusta)

Now, as he gets his store ready for its official grand opening, he knows his hard work and persistence are about to pay off.

“You show up to work every day, everything else will fall in place," he said.