COLUMBUS, Ohio — Verizon Wireless' Kindness Murals, hope to make a difference, one color at a time. 

 Pink, orange, red and purple are on display at 2338 West Broad St. in Columbus.

What You Need To Know

  • There are 20 Kindness Murals 

  • The Call for Kindness started in response to the pandemic

  • There are Kindness Murals in Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus

  • All murals have a QR code to receive a way to be kind in the community 

The Kindness Mural is a part of Verizon's Call for Kindness that they started in response to the pandemic. 

“People were having a tough time with it and understandably so, we were just trying to think of ways as a community to just make the world a little bit kinder, just to do little things here and there to make other peoples days better,” said Chris Serico, the Communications Manager for Verizon Wireless. 

There are twenty around the country, including one in Cincinnati and one in Cleveland. Serico said the Columbus mural will inspire more people to be kind.

“We've been super enthusiastic about conveying these themes through their amazing artwork,” said Serico. “The community is beautified through these amazing exhibitions and hopefully it makes the world a little bit kinder.” 

Columbus artist, Sarah Hout, painted the Verizon Kindness Mural. Artists have the creative freedom to choose what they want to paint and are just advised to use vibrant colors.

“I'm so honored to be a part of the kindness campaign because the thrust of the message is the very beat of my heart,” said Hout. “Creating artwork that promotes smiles, deep breaths, safe spaces and inspires kind gestures is why I do what I do!”

Serico said that he hopes every mural will encourage kindness for decades to come.

“The more that we do as individuals or as a company or preferably both, that just benefits everyone, so I see this campaign lasting as long as everyone is willing to be kind,” said Serico. 

All the Kindness Murals have a scannable QR code to find ways to be kind in the communities and visitors can use the hastag #calltokindness to show their visit.