TWINSBURG, Ohio — The 47th annual Twins Day festival took place in Twinsburg over the weekend. It is the biggest annual gathering of twins in the world.

For Jordan Messina and Haley McGuire, it was their first time at the festival. They went to honor their grandpa and his twin, who recently passed away. 

What You Need To Know

  • The 47th annual Twins Day festival took place on Aug. 6

  • It is the biggest annual gathering of twins in the world 

  • One set of twins is using TikTok to connect with other twins 

Jordan said that she feels like they blended in while at the festival, something that she and her sister aren’t used to doing.

“This is one of the first times we have gone somewhere, especially dressed alike, and we’re not standing out,” she said.

For 28 years of their lives, they believed they were fraternal twins. They took a test just to see if they could be identical, and two days ago their results came back. They showed the sisters are actually identical twins.

“We never knew,” Haley explained.

The two recorded a TikTok opening the results. It now has nearly 500,000 views on the app. They are now inspiring other twins to take the test to see if they could potentially be identical. Haley said they ran into one pair of siblings at the festival that had seen their TikTok.

“There’s a set that’s not sure if they’re identical and they approached us because they saw our video and now they’re going to go take a test too,” she said. 

Both Jordan and Haley agree that this is something only twins would understand. 

“A lot of people who aren’t twins don’t understand the significance, like well if you look alike, I don’t know why it matters," Jordan said. "And I don’t know how else to explain why that matters so much to us."

“If you’re a twin, you get it,” Haley said. 

The twins want to continue posting on TikTok and hope to see videos of other twins reacting to their test results.