DAYTON, Ohio  — Hundreds gathered in the Oregon District on Thursday to reflect and remember the nine lives taken away three years ago. 

What You Need To Know

  • Shooting survivors and family members shared their stories during the two-hour event

  • Dion Green, the son of shooting victim Derrick Fudge, organized the event

  • Nine wreaths of roses and a new painting were displayed to remember the victims

  • Green is hopeful the event provided the chance to uplift one another while keeping the victims' memories alive

​​A two-hour gathering in the Oregon District brought families of the victims and survivors together with the hopes of healing. 

Dion Green lost his father Derrick Fudge that night three years ago. While the pain of his loss has never gone away, he knows he’s making an impact to ease the pain of others. 

“I just want today for the community to come out here and just, engage with each other, engage with the families, lean on each other shoulders and just be a support,” Green said. “The word community is how you heal we heal as a group, but you can't spell community without unity.”

Green has been working to push for stricter gun laws in order to protect other people from future gun violence.

“Going on three years, some days still feel like day one,” Green said. “But I just want to—I just want people to come here. I know emotions might drop, but I want people to leave here encouraged, empowered, and with a sense of hope, but also with action—on how to get involved to help change what's going on around this country.”

Dion Green (left) and Mike Turner speak to the crowd on the third anniversary of the shooting that killed their family members Derrick Fudge and Logan Turner, respectively. (Tino Bovenzi/Spectrum News 1)

The 8/4 Memorial Committee is moving forward with plans to create a permanent memorial for the tragic event. Co-Chair Sandy Gudorf said the community input phase is now complete. The committee will soon be making a call to artists in the next 30-60 days.

“We’re just being very deliberate and we’re taking the time that is needed to get this right,” Gudorf said. “This is really important for our community and especially those that were there that evening, to the Oregon District community, and of course for the survivors and victims' families.” 

Gudorf confirmed that the memorial will be located in the Oregon District, but a specific location hasn’t been picked. More details will be released in the coming months.