CLEVELAND — Some film and television industry insiders are sharing their path to success. 

What You Need To Know

  • Actors and directors share career tips through the "From Cleveland, For Cleveland" virtual conversation series

  • 1st Team Actors Studio organized the events with celebrities like Tom Hanks and Lili Reinhart

  • There are six sessions in the series, and each scheduled at the Capital Theatre

The “From Cleveland, For Cleveland” virtual conversation series is giving fans and students the opportunity to learn from actors and directors with ties to northeast Ohio. 

The first session featured Lili Reinhart, who grew up in Bay Village, answering questions from attendees via Zoom.  

Amy Reinhart said her daughter, Lili, caught the acting bug as a child growing up in the Cleveland area. 

“The next thing I knew, she’s on the stage, singing and dancing,” Amy said. “And, this is my very shy, introverted daughter. So, I was very shocked to see that, but I think it was very good for her.”

The experience led Lili to parts in movies and shows, eventually gaining fame for a starring role in the TV series “Riverdale.”

That’s how Rachel Talkington got to know her. 

“I find that amazing and awesome that someone from Cleveland is that big and famous,” she said. “It just shows you what you can do coming from anywhere.”

Organizers of the events said they hope this inspires the creation of a film community in the area. 

“To have a business like that here would bring in so much money to the city,” said Holly Fulger. “So much work, so much publicity, so many jobs.”

Fulger worked with 1st Team Actors Studio to book the talent sharing their experiences. Fulger is a Lakewood native and said she had to move to Chicago then Hollywood to pursue her own acting career. 

“Cleveland has a great theatre community, Cleveland has a great music community, and I think it’s a natural thing to have a film community,” she said. 

Acting students like Taylor Sustersic said they were excited to soak up the career advice. 

“Because I want to take those steps, as well,” Sustersic said. 

There are six sessions in the series that run through November; each is scheduled for the big screen at the Capital Theatre.

“I’m glad that she has the chance to share her story and give kids the motivation to not give up and try to pursue it,” Amy said. “It’s not impossible.”