AKRON, Ohio — Dog Days of Summer is an adoption event being held by Summit County's Division of Animal control that reduces the cost to adopt a cat or dog. 

What You Need To Know

  • The animal control facility in Summit County launched Dog Days of Summer to encourage potential pet owners to adopt
  • Adoption fees normally are $98 for dogs and $50 for cats
  • For July, fees have been reduced to $28 for dogs and $5 for cats

  • Before any pet is adopted, the facility said they take special care to make sure the home is the right fit  

Summit County's animal countrol facility reduced adoption fees for all of July for potential pet owners. Dog adoptions will cost $10 plus the purchase of an $18 county dog license. Cat adoption fees have been reduced from $50 to $5. 

The facility said it takes special care to make sure every pet finds the right home.

“We're really doing this because we want to put these animals in the hands of people who really want dogs and cats," said Summit County Executive Ilene Shapiro. "We spend a lot of time trying to match them up. Just because a dog is cute doesn't necessarily mean it fits with your lifestyle."

The Summit County animal control facility is located at 250 Opportunity Parkway, Downtown Akron. For additional information call330-643-2845.