AKRON, Ohio — Five days after Jayland Walker was shot by police in Akron, members of the community gathered to support his family and to request answers from the police department.

What You Need To Know

  • There was a protest held Saturday in Akron in honor of Jayland Walker

  • The emotions ran high within the community, but it was a peaceful protest

  • The members of his family and the Akron community are looking for answers

The attorney for Walker’s family said more than 60 bullets struck the 25-year-old on June 27, after an attempted traffic stop, and a subsequent car chase.

One person at the protest was Pastor R. Stacey Jenkins. He said that the community just wants to know what happened.

“We realize that the police have a difficult job, but there’s just some things that don’t line up and add up and we’re looking for answers,” Jenkins said. 

Although the protest was a peaceful one, there were a lot of emotions, and Jenkins did not hold back in talking about how he was feeling.

“Our emotions come from surprise, anger, sadness, compassion, all mixed in one,” he said. 

He says the anger stems from similar incidents that have happened all around the country.

“We’re angry that it had to happen to another young black man. That seems to be the calling card throughout our nation. It’s always a mistake with a black boy.  What is going on? When will the mistakes stop?” Jenkins said. 

The emotions ran high, but the people were peaceful, and Jenkins said they were united in love. 

Another protest is scheduled for Sunday. The protest is set to follow the scheduled release of the body cam footage, along with other details regarding Walker’s death from Akron officials.