CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Regional Transit Authority saw about a 25% increase in people using public transportation since gas prices rose.

What You Need To Know

  • RTA said the increase is pretty common with higher gas prices

  • Despite the increase, RTA said it is still below pre-pandemic levels

  • RTA is also launching a new app with the hope of bringing public transit in Cleveland into the future

RTA Director of Intelligent Transportation System Michael Lively said the increase in those riding RTA is standard, there is a difference this time around affecting ridership.

“I think what’s different this time around then in past years is the telecommuting and a lot of people working from home, where most people used to always go into the work,” said Lively. “I think the option of having the ability to work from home may change those ridership swings that we’ve seen in the past.”

RTA is also introducing a new EZFare app hoping to modernize area public transportation.  

“As technology advances, we wanted to advance with it. And so a lot of our neighboring transit agencies have adopted the same app,” said Lively.

The app allows riders to purchase fares, get real time information when busses will arrive and make transfers to other transit authorities. It also uses “fare capping,” which caps fares so riders never pay more than a certain amount.

Lively said he believes the payment process will be more fair to those riding. 

“As soon as you reach that $95, that $5 limit on a daily pass, it caps you, and so everyone pays the same price,” Lively said. “So it doesn’t impact or negatively impact those riders that potentially can’t pay up front.”