CLEVELAND — As an art teacher, coloring is something Valeria Avgusta said she does often. She said she’s drawing a dream that she had.

What You Need To Know

  • Valeria Avgusta is an art teacher from Ukraine

  • She said she fled the country one week before the war started

  • Avgusta is hosting donation-based yoga classes in Tremont

  • She said all donations will go to Ukraine

"I was in Kyiv, and then I woke up, and I was here and [it] felt weird," Avgusta said. "Why am I here?"

Avgusta came to the states just a week before the war started. She said she now teaches her art classes virtually out of a room in her mother’s northeast Ohio home.

"I decided to come for a month, and I'm still here," Avgusta said.

While she's in the states, Avgusta said she has found a way to help with war relief efforts by hosting donation-based yoga classes on Thursdays and Saturdays in Tremont’s Lincoln Park. 

"I feel like a calling to share this practice," Avgusta said.

The yogi said she taught the discipline back in Ukraine for nearly three years.

"Full inhale and lean to one side. Stretch your side," Avgusta instructed.

All of the proceeds from the classes will go to Ukraine, but Avgusta said she’s still finding other ways personally profit. 

"I level up my English and I meet new people," Avgusta said.

She said the classes also allow her to acclimate to the area.

"Well, I left all my life, you know. So, it's a point when I have to start a new one," Avgusta added.

If you're interested in joining one of her donation-based classes, you can reach out to her through Facebook