LOS ANGELES — Bengals fans took in a tough loss at the Super Bowl. They were heartbroken as they exited SoFi Stadium, but said they’re hopeful for the future of the team.

What You Need To Know

  • Bengals fans were sad to see their team lose in the Super Bowl

  • They said the environment in the stadium was incredible with a lot of fellow Bengals fans there

  • Fans are hopeful for the coming years with so many young stars on the team

While it was a tough night for Who Dey Nation, fans said they’re optimistic for what’s ahead.

“The Bengals have a bright future," said Tony Capretta, a Bengals fan. "They have all their star players, they’re young, they’ve got great chemistry and they’ve got a team that loves playing together and that’s one of the best things about the Bengals.”

Bengals fans took over Los Angeles the week leading up to the game as well as at SoFi Stadium, and said it was amazing to see so much black and orange in the Golden State.

“It was great to see this many Bengals fans out," said Adam Koehler, another Bengals fan. "I mean, half the stadium, more than half the fans were Bengals fans and this was not a cheap ticket. To have people come from Cincinnati and also Bengals fans in Los Angeles to come out here, it was awesome.”

While fans may take some time to recover from the loss, they said the Super Bowl experience was still incredible.

“I mean, a little hurt," Bengals fan Gary Jackson said. "They were only predicted to win six games. So to get here to the Super Bowl, we got a bright future with Joe Burrow. We just need a little offensive line, we’ll be fine."

His wife agreed.

“I am proud," said Kristen Jackson, Gary's wife. "I am proud of Cincinnati. I am proud of this team and we both just said it. We wouldn’t trade this experience for the world."

Now, the Bengals fans have to wait at least one more season for a Super Bowl win.