BEREA, Ohio — After seeing her students struggle with the process of applying for law school, a professor created a way for them to keep their tasks in line.

What You Need To Know

  • Barbara Palmer, Ph.D., a professor at Baldwin Wallace University, created an app called Applawz

  • Applawz helps streamline the law school application process for students

  • Palmer offers the app for free to Baldwin Wallace students

Madelyn Pyles is a student at Baldwin Wallace University. With dreams of going to law school, she's starting to prepare for her future.

"I'm starting the process of trying to take the LSAT and all that," said Pyles. 

To help her prepare, she's using an app called Applawz — an app created by her professor, Barbara Palmer, Ph.D., who has seen her students struggle with the law school application process.

(Photo courtesy of Barbara Palmer, Ph.D.)

"How difficult it was to keep track of all the moving parts? It's a really complicated process. It's a really long process just to apply," said Palmer.

Palmer talked with a friend about her desire to find a solution for her students. Then she came up with the idea of creating an app.

"She said, 'You need to create that.' she said, 'Give me one good reason why you shouldn't do this,' and I couldn't," said Palmer.

She said the app will help students manage a calendar with all dates related to their applications and help them streamline the process.

(Photo courtesy of Barbara Palmer, Ph.D.)

"An extensive and detailed to-do list that lists all of the tasks that you have to complete in order to complete your application," said Palmer. "And then it also helps you navigate the process once you start getting acceptances."

Pyles said the app has been helpful for her so far.

"I love the app," said Pyles. "Like you said, applying to law school is stressful and I haven't even really started the process and I'm already freaking out. So it's nice to have something that kind of makes me smile a little bit."

Palmer offers the app free for Baldwin Wallace students as a "thank you" for their help with getting it up and running. All others may purchase it on her website.