COLUMBUS, Ohio — Kathryn Dougherty was born and raised near Philadelphia. A transfer from her healthcare job at Johnson and Johnson five years ago landed her in central Ohio. 

What You Need To Know

  • Kathryn Dougherty came to Ohio 5 years ago with a job transfer

  • She then looked into entrepreneurship and made a career change

  • Dougherty launched Spritz Tea in January 2020

During the last couple of years, she started to look into entrepreneurship, wanting a health-conscious product, with more of a consumer focus.

“I really looked for a kind of product and a kind of business that I thought could help people, move people away from sugary beverages and from chemical sweeteners and potentially even away from alcohol,” said Dougherty

So Dougherty started experimenting with some of her favorite tea flavors and all-natural ingredients, including plant-based sweetener stevia. 

“I actually made the very first version of my product in my kitchen, and made a concentrate of my favorite herbal tea,” she said. “I mixed it with sparkling water, and that was really how the concept is born.”

Dougherty launched Spritz Tea in January 2020, and despite tremendous odds during the pandemic, the company grew 500% during a one-year period, selling more than 150,000 cans of sparkling tea in 400 locations, including nearly 200 Kroger stores.  

“I know for a fact that Spritz would not be around if people had not continued to support and buy and cheer and help and navigate through all of this with me,” said Dougherty. “Every time that I have an opportunity to give back, I try my best to.”

Dougherty said Columbus has a unique position within the country to become a next-generation innovator in food and beverage brands.

More information on Spritz's flavored teas may be found online at