WESTERVILLE, Ohio — Dozens of friends, family and community members organized a parade in Westerville in honor of a teen girl fighting leukemia.

What You Need To Know

  • Ohio teenager receives a lot of love after being diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Leukemia Lymphoma
  • Dozens of friends, family and community members organized a parade to wish a Happy Birthday and a speedy recovery to Jocelyn Green.
  • Jocelyn has been undergoing chemotherapy and has had to isolate from friends
  • She knows tough times lie ahead but is looking forward to being a teenager again

“I just wanted her to have a little celebration for her birthday,” said Westerville resident Alina Green. 

They gathered Friday evening to wish Alina's daughter, Jocelyn, a Happy Birthday and a speedy recovery. 

“I'm just happy I get to see everyone and I just wasn't expecting it. I was very surprised,” said Jocelyn.


Jocelyn is in 8th grade. 

She's a dancer and cheerleader for the St. Paul Rams.

In September, she had trouble breathing during a performance at a football game.

After a trip to Children's Hospital, her family received shocking news. She was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Leukemia Lymphoma.

“It was a rough 30 to 60 days from a treatment standpoint. Once she started to regain her strength you can tell she's getting her energy back. Ever since she was diagnosed, the support from the community has just been completely overwhelming,” said Jocelyn's father Charlie Green. 

Jocelyn has had chemo treatment ever since. She spent 12 days in the ICU and has had to isolate herself from friends.

“This was sprung upon her so quickly. She's had such a positive attitude. She's been staying connected to everyone, even when she's going through something that is so difficult. So this is going to mean everything to her that she has all these people around to support her,” said Jocelyn's dance instructor, Jazmin Pfeifer. 

“We love you so much and even though we can't all express it as we choose to, we just want her to know that,” said friend Natalie Harvey. 

Although Jocelyn knows tough times may lie ahead, she looks forward to just being a teenager again

“I want to dance and I want to see my friends, and yeah, just get back to normal,” Jocelyn said.