OHIO — Ohio hospitals on Monday had more than 5,000 patients who were confirmed to have COVID-19, according to Ohio Hospital Association data. 

What You Need To Know

  • The Ohio Hospital Association reported more than 5,000 COVID hospitalizations for the first time in 2021 on Monday

  • Nearly one third of all in-patient hospitalizations in the state involve someone positive with COVID-19

  • The surge in COVID-19 cases is most prevalent in northeast Ohio, according to the data

  • The Cleveland Clinic said last week that 80% of those in its hospitals with COVID-19 are unvaccinated

According to the OHA’s data, Ohio topped 5,000 COVID-19 inpatient hospitalizations for the first time since Dec. 17, 2020. Ohio’s coronavirus-related hospitalizations peaked at 5,308 on Dec. 15, 2020. 

According to the OHA, Ohio’s COVID-19 hospitalizations steadily declined following the December 2020 surge, dropping to a low of 205 on July 7, 2021. After a fall peak of 3,742 hospitalizations in October, the state dropped to an autumn low of 2,202 COVID patients on Nov. 7. Since then, COVID-19 hospitalizations have increased. 

The OHA reports that one in four of those currently hospitalized throughout Ohio are COVID-19 positive. The OHA said that 1,208 hospital patients are in an intensive care unit in Ohio. Overall, one-third of ICU patients statewide are positive for the virus. 

The OHA splits the state into seven regions. The northeast Ohio region, which includes the Cleveland area, notes record levels of COVID-19 hospitalizations and ICU patients. As of Monday, northeast Ohio had 1,426 people COVID hospitalizations with 326 people in the ICU. A year ago, northeast Ohio peaked at 1,064 hospitalizations. 

Nearly 1,050 members of the Ohio National Guard have been stationed throughout northeast Ohio to help the region battle the onslaught of COVID-19 cases. Along with being positioned at hospitals, Guard members have been operating mass COVID-19 testing sites in Summit and Cuyahoga counties. 

The Cleveland Clinic said last week that the majority, nearly 80%, of those in its hospitals with COVID-19 are unvaccinated. The 20% who are vaccinated are those who are immunocompromised with cancer, have had transplants, or have a chronic condition, the Cleveland Clinic said.