COLUMBUS, Ohio — More than 200,000 people will walk through the John Glenn Columbus International Airport this holiday season.

What You Need To Know

  • The John Glenn Columbus International Airport started a pilot program playing Ohio artists

  • The playlist is 20 hours long

  • The airport has seen a 58% increase in travel from 2020
  • Angela Perley is a Columbus musical artist showcased on the playlist

  • The pilot program is on a trial basis 

Angela Perley has always been passionate about music, but it wasn’t until college that she started taking it seriously. 

he listens to everyone from Nina Simone to Lucinda Williams. Although she makes music for today’s time, her inspiration comes from decades past.

“It's rock and roll, but it has a lot of country and blues influences,” Perley said. “Definitely a lot of like 70s rock influences and a little bit of psychedelia, a little bit of everything.”

Perley always enjoyed songwriting and listening to her parents' favorite musicians but she was shy and never pictured herself performing in front of crowds. When she began attending Ohio University she joined a band and saw the power of performing with a group.

“I never thought I could sing in front of people, but I just like writing songs so much and playing with a band,” she said. "Once I started doing that was when I really realized this is really cool because you’re a part of something and it didn’t make me as nervous.” 

Over the past few years, Perley’s music career has taken off.

She's racked up thousands of followers on Instagram, has over 600 monthly listeners on Spotify and had the chance to open up for country singer Willie Nelson. She is one of the Ohio artists selected to be a part of the John Glenn Columbus International Airport’s pilot program that brings local music to passengers in the airport.

The airport's 20-hour long playlist showcases a range of genres from artists all connected to Ohio.

The idea was pitched by Columbus radio station WWCD 92.9 FM as a way to get smaller artists' exposure after a lack of performing opportunities due to the pandemic.

“It's really important for us to continue that sort of experience,” said Randy Malloy, president of WWCD 92.9 FM. “Allow artists to have that platform of the public airways so that they can be recognized and hopefully, you know, create the craft that they want and become successes.”

The program launched at the beginning of December.

This holiday season, the Columbus airport is expected to have more than 200,000 passengers, which is a 58% increase from last year.

Their busiest days are right around Christmas, Dec. 23, Dec. 26 and Dec. 27. After a year of limited inspiration and opportunity, Perley said this program will really help artists grow.

“So lucky to have really cool and supportive radio stations that definitely help get the word out about new releases and shows, which are really cool,” Perley said. “I've gotten a couple texts from people that have been flying out and said they’ve heard my song playing so that's really cool. I can’t thank CD 92.9 enough and the Columbus airport for just supporting Columbus musicians right now.” 

The program is on a trial basis and all of the artists on the playlists were chosen by the radio station. The airport is taking passenger feedback to determine whether or not to continue the program.