BEACHWOOD, Ohio — A free haircut; it’s a small act to say a big thank you to the many United States veterans who risked their lives to protect the United States.

What You Need To Know

  • Free haircuts were given to veterans at Rose Senior Living

  • It's an act of kindness to say thank you to veterans for their service

  • Right at Home hosts the annual Haircuts for Heroes event

  • Area barbers provided top-notch service to retired servicemen

J.C.Mitchell, 93, retired from the Air Force in 1971 after 23 years of service.


"This is the perfect gift that a Veteran can receive, a free haircut,” said Mitchell. “I'm feeling good. Look at me, and the barber is good, look at my head!"

It’s a simple, yet special way to thank Mitchell and other Veterans for their service.

“This is a real surprise. But I'm glad it happened,” said Sheldon Blumberg, 91.

Shalom Plotkin served 15 years in the Navy and now owns Right at Home, a senior care company. He said oftentimes his fellow veterans feel forgotten so for the past few years, he’s hosted Haircuts for Heroes at various senior living facilities in northeast Ohio.  

"I was a chaplain for the Navy, serving in the Marine Corps for 15 years, both here and overseas and in many other countries on many warships," said Plotkin. “For us, this isn’t just about barbecues, it sometimes about just knowing that other people care and remember, we appreciate you, thank you for your service on Veterans Day, we salute you."

Each year, they do haircuts for heroes at a new place. This year, they chose to surprise veterans at Rose Senior Living in Beachwood.

Barbers from The Gentlemen's Cave Luxury Barber Lounge and Royal Blendz Barber Shop provided their best service to these retired servicemen.

“Whatever talents and gifts that's been given, you're supposed to give back in some shape, form or fashion,” said Myia Simon, a barber at The Gentlemen's Cave Luxury Barber Lounge. “They say love is nothing until you give it away, until you show it.” 

Jamiel Hamm, a barber at Royal Blendz Barbershop, agreed.

“They appreciate me, I'm just appreciating them 10 times more, just cause all they’ve done for us,” said Hamm.

The haircuts were given as a way to say "we see you" to the veterans, "we care and thank you for your service." 

“Happy Veterans Day, veterans,” said Mitchell. 

“Happy Veterans Day, everybody,” said Blumberg. 

More information about Right at Home is on its website.