CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Museum of Art's new exhibition, Picturing Motherhood Now, "brings together works by a diverse range of contemporary artists who reimagine the possibilities for representing motherhood."

What You Need To Know

  • The exhibit is open through March 2022

  • It explores motherhood through different lenses

  • It took two years to collect the pieces for the exhibit

​There are works from more than 30 artists on display, all with different cultural backgrounds, genders and family roles.

“One overwhelming aspect is that motherhood is an issue that touches everyone," said one of the exhibit's curators, Nadiah Rivera Fellah. "You don’t necessarily have to be a mother or have a child for it to be some thing that’s important in relevant to you.”

It took two years to collect all the pieces.

The exhibition highlights all the different ways people and cultures experience motherhood.

“Looking through the CMA‘s encyclopedic collections, it was one thing we realized was present in every single collection throughout the museum, from the Asian collections to the medieval collections was this iconic idea of the mother and child, or motherhood,” said Fellah.

One of Rivera Fellah’s favorite pieces is called Amnía (Echo), 2021 by Native American artist Wendy Red Star.

It shows the legacy of her Crow tribal heritage and their matriarchal traditions.

“I come from a strong family of women, and love to see that on display," said Fellah. "I feel like other people would really identify with that visualization the passing down through mothers to daughters."

The exhibit is available to view until mid-March 2022.