COLUMBUS, OHIO — For Columbus native Jaida Banks, her first venture as an entrepreneur is a personal journey. 

She recently started JB Organizing, a decluttering business that serves homeowners and small businesses.

What You Need To Know

  • Jaida Banks recently started JB Organizing

  • JB Organizing is a decluttering business that serves homeowners and small businesses

  • She encourages clients to work on mental health issues

Many of her clients are dealing with the same mental health struggles she faced. 

“Having depression or ADHD or any type of mental illness that makes you struggle on doing regular activities does not make you lazy, does not make you less than, does not make you a horrible person,” said Banks. “It makes you a person who also has to fight a mental illness every single day.” 

Banks said she's encouraged that more people lately are openly talking about mental health. 

She believes she may be an asset to the community when it comes to helping others with their own internalized stigmas. 

“So just kind of accepting themselves, accepting where they are but knowing that yes they can do more, and also having a balance,” said Banks. 

Banks operates her own social media pages, edits videos and is trying to increase her following on YouTube. 

To keep herself motivated and on the right track as an entrepreneur, she's created a vision board. 

“This is for the organizing business, just to be able to organize more homes and different ideas of how they would like to be organized,” she said. “In the middle would be like me having happy customers but happy employees, and then over there would be future plans of owning like properties.”

Banks said that moment of connection with a client is what makes her entire journey worthwhile and come full circle. 

“They do console to you but you're also their diary at the time and they need a moment to be vulnerable and you're that person that they get to be vulnerable with,” said Banks. “It's actually an honor too because a lot of people are very private. So for them to open themselves and their home to you is pretty big.” 

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