SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio — A northeast Ohio woman used her experience as a nurse, real estate agent and businessperson to transform a former convent into a senior living home with a sweeping view of Lake Erie.

What You Need To Know

  • Live, Love, Lake is a 10-bedroom home with five-and-a-half bathrooms
  • The former convent is over 100 years old

  • The property sits right on Lake Erie

"When I walked (in), I instantly knew that this was a group home waiting to be," said Kelly Wilms, owner of Live, Love, Lake.

Wilms wanted to move closer to Cleveland when she walked into the convent on Lake Road in Sheffield Lake.

The convent was owned by the Catholic Diocese for decades and housed up to 20 nuns.

Wilms said she had a vision.

The former nurse saw it as a perfect senior care facility. 

"Five and a half bathrooms, so each patient can have two rooms if they would like. A little bonus room for sitting or doing their favorite hobby or a family member coming to visit them, spending the night," said Wilms.

Wilms is a licensed realtor, so she brought the pieces of her background together to create an environment that feels like family.

"I think it's important to have residents have an opportunity to live in a home-like atmosphere, so it's a slow transition from their original home. Real estate brought me here and my business degree and my nursing degree. I feel like it's the best way to use them; putting them together to own your own business in the medical field and customize it the way you want," said Wilms.

Wilms said the perfect name came to her the moment she saw the house on Lake Road.

"With the name, you want it to fully describe what business you have so 'live,' obviously people are living here. 'Love,' that's what we are creating, a living environment and 'lake,' of course because of the beautiful lake in the back," said Wilms.

No residents have moved into Live, Love, Lake just yet.