Wadsworth, Ohio — Anything with a motor in it, Aaron Woloszyn wants to hang around. He grew up playing racing video games and fixing cars with his family.

It’s been a dream of his to open a do-it-yourself (DIY) garage where people can come do their own maintenance and modifications. He made his dream come true during the pandemic.

What You Need To Know

  • The added free time during the pandemic allowed many people to try new things and forced people to do things on their own

  • For those that love fixing their own cars, a new DIY auto repair shop has opened in northeast Ohio 

  • It’s for those who have the skillset but not necessarily the space or tools to get the job done

  • They also offer classes for people who want to learn more about fixing cars 

Wingman Garage is an automotive and motorcycle enthusiast's dream.

It’s a garage full of tools and lifts for anything from basic car or motorcycle maintenance to a full engine repair. 

What makes it unique from other auto repair shops is that you're the mechanic. 

“I love working on my own stuff,” said Chase Casterline, a founding member of Wingman Garage. “The biggest part in it is just knowing that I can save money and not having to spend hundreds of dollars an hour for something that I know how to do. So it was just really the perfect situation for me.”

Casterline comes to Wingman about once a month with his vehicles. Sometimes he’s good at fixing his cars on his own, other times he could use a wingman. That’s where Woloszyn, the founder of Wingman Garage, comes in.

“Being a big car enthusiast myself, I always found myself with not enough space at home in the garage or without the right tools,” said Woloszyn said. “And I definitely didn't have a lift at home. So this is something that I saw that I wanted to bring to the community and so I did.”

Woloszyn has been working on cars for more than 20 years. He launched Wingman Garage in February 2021. 

“Some people need a hand here and there, others don't,” said Woloszyn. “And others need a hand for a couple hours. So we're always here to help. We've got the tools and the lifts and the help when you want it. We just need you to bring your project.” 

The garage is not just for seasoned pros.

Woloszyn also offers classes on basic car maintenance, tire changes and jumpstarting a vehicle. 

“Part of the whole wingman thing is to give back and help people become more comfortable working and talking about what's going on with their vehicles,” said Woloszyn.

“So if you don't know much about cars, we've got auto 101, auto 102 classes, where you can learn about different types of oil, how to read tires, how brakes work, basic overall simple car maintenance information. We've also got auto 201, and auto 202, where we show you how to change oil, and we show you how to change brakes with our shop car. And we've also got a stranded series where we walk you through how to safely change a tire and jumpstart a vehicle.”

It’s a DIY garage for the DIY enthusiast. 

“I thought it was like the coolest idea ever,” said Casterline. “Even if I did have my own tools, just to have stuff that's central, and for other people that might not have the specialty like axles, nuts and socket sets for things like that. Special torque wrenches and different lifts and hoists and all that stuff. Aaron has it here and it's awesome.”

“We've had grandpas bringing in the grandsons working on cars together; fathers and daughters, fathers and sons,”  said Woloszyn. “We've had husbands and wives working on cars together. So it's a really good place to work on vehicles and teach and learn and bond.”

Wingman Garage is available by appointment only. For more information, click here.