AKRON, Ohio — Without reliable shelter and water, those experiencing homelessness in the summer are exposed to multiple heat-related risks. 

What You Need To Know

  • The Homeless Charity and Village provides essential items to those in need all year long

  • On Tuesday, they gave away cold water, ice and fruit to help people cool down from the heat

  • You can donate items to The Homeless Charity and Village to help them continue their mission

This is why Lerryn Campbell, the advocacy coordinator for The Homeless Charity and Village, decided to provide cold drinks and fresh fruit to those in need on Tuesday. 

"Last night, I was like, 'oh my gosh, it's gonna be crazy hot,'" Campbell said. "I looked at the weather and I was like it's a perfect day for cold peaches and cold water."

She also provided people with reusable cups filled with ice. 

Campbell said it doesn’t take a lot to make someone's day and providing all of the materials for this event only costed her around $15.

 “Are you someone who has five minutes of energy in the day to smile or make someone's day? Are you someone who has 10 minutes? Are you someone who has no minutes?" She asked. "If you have no minutes, boy I’m reaching out to you, because you might be missing out.” 

Besides bringing a smile to dozens of faces, the water and food she provides are also keeping them healthy in this heat. 

“Well, the dangers of heat stroke or underlying conditions," she explained. "A lot of our folks who are out here have untreated medical conditions.” 

If you would like to help, visit The Homeless Charity and Village on Facebook.