SALEM, Ohio — When Leslie Kline moved back with her family to her hometown of Salem in Columbiana County, she brought back the inspiration behind her newest venture, Kast Iron Soda Works.

What You Need To Know

  • Kast Iron Soda Works aims to be a place for families to unwind from every day life
  • Kast Iron Soda Works is named after the owner's four daughters: Kaitlyn, Abigail, Sydney and Tori.

  • It's located at 420 E State St. in Salem

“The soda idea came from a place in Indiana where we lived in Huntington. There's a place that opened up as an antique store, they had this wall of sodas in the back. We loved the concept. People loved going there. They had a small counter where maybe about 10 people can sit or so. And so we just expanded upon the idea,” said Kline. 

The "we" she is talking about is her husband Will, who said the small community has embraced the revived concept. 

“I can stand here at the corner of the bar, and if they stutter-step coming through the door, I know they've never been here before because it's the 'wow' factor, it's overwhelming. We've got a fast-paced life, a lot of technology, social media, stuff like that. We're bombarded with so much. In here, we want people to slow down, disconnect,” said Will. 

And when you're enjoying one of their 400 different sodas from across the globe, feel free to sit back and play one of their two dozen board games. 

The Klines said they’re proud to be part of a growing community in downtown Salem, and they along with their four daughters hope everyone appreciates the simple things in life.

“We just want this to be a place where they just feel at home, they just feel welcome and comfortable from day one,” said Lesley Kline. 

Kast Iron Soda Works is named after the couple’s four daughters: Kaitlyn, Abigail, Sydney and Tori. 

For more information on the business, which is located at 420 E State St. in Salem, click here