AKRON, Ohio — Northeast Ohio has many beautiful places to explore year round, but one hidden gem nestled in Akron will make visitors feel like they’ve traveled 100 years back in time. 

What You Need To Know

  • Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens is a historic property in Akron

  • The property is open to the public

  • Employees work to keep the gardens historically accurate

At least, that's how Tom Hrivnak, the superintendent of the Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, explained it. 

"Stan Hywet is the former home of the co-founder of Goodyear, F.A. Seiberling,” Hrivnak said. "He had the house built in 1912-1915, and the grounds are what still remain today from his vast property that he did have.” 

Hrivnak and his team work to keep the landscape authentic to when the family was living there in the 1920s and 1930s.

They are able to do this through the use of vintage photographs. 

“We have a lot of pictures, they are black and white, but we have tens and thousands of photos of the property from the time that the Seiberlings lived here," he said. "One of the sons was an avid photographer.” 

While most of the property relies on pictures to keep it historically accurate, one area, known as the secret or English garden, still has its original blueprints.

“So this is the only garden here that we actually have blueprints for," Hrivnak said. "The rest of the blueprints for the gardens were lost in a flood accident. It was Mrs. Seiberlings favorite garden.” 

Staying true to the families plans, Stan Hywet is open to the public. 

"The 'non nobis solum,' meaning ‘not for us alone’ is the family motto," he said. "They were a very sharing family they shared a lot of their property with a lot of the Akronites while they lived here. This is why we can share this today.” 

Those wishing to visit, tickets are available online at stanhywet.org.