COLUMBUS — As the weather gets warmer and more Ohioans are out and about, Ohio doctors said there has been a rise in trauma cases. 

This rise means an increased need for blood transfusions, and blood donations, something Scott Scrape, Director of Transfusion Medicine at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, said has been a challenge. 

“We have a shortage in Ohio as well that the hospitals in Ohio have been addressing for the last several weeks,” said Dr. Scrape. 

To make matters more complicated, he said blood donations are usually down during the summer months.  

“Summer-time donations are always a challenge because children are out of school and families are traveling and people go on vacation so as it gets hotter its always more difficult to get these donations,” Scrape said.

But the need for blood isn’t slowing down.

“We have more trauma in the summer just in general,” said Scrape. “We also have a backlog of surgeries because of COVID. I think that have contributed to the hospitals increasing need for blood this year.”

Dr. Scrape said 40% of people are able to donate blood, but only about 3% do.

Michael Hannah is one of those 3% of people. He’s donated around 10 gallons of blood during his lifetime. 

“Of all the units of blood, I’ve never known who’s benefited, who hasn’t but it’s not important to know,” said Hannah. “It’s just important to know that they need it and it’s easy enough to give it, so help out if you can.”

Hannah gave blood at the Versiti Blood Center of Ohio Clinic at Lifeline of Ohio. Versiti is the official blood supplier of Ohio State.