CLEVELAND — Art fills every empty space on the outside walls of George Masaveg’s two houses. It's a fluid way to show love and appreciation for the pieces.

That is how it will remain.

What You Need To Know

  • George Masaveg has two houses covered in art

  • The art is largely made of things he finds

  • He sees it as a way to show his appreciation for the items

“Every city probably has a crazy guy,” said Masaveg. “I'm not that unique.”

The outside walls of the buildings are completely covered with art.

“All this stuff was on the side of the road, and I saw this thing standing there,” said Masaveg. “I said wait, hang on, and I went over and grabbed that.”

It started after receiving seven paintings. He didn't want them to go unseen so he displayed them as proudly as possible.

“If I give them to my kids, they'll end up in the basement, garage, trash,” said Masaveg. “I said I'd put them up there, you know?”

Although it takes hard work and creativity, Masaveg doesn't consider himself an artist.

“Well, what is an artist,” asked Masaveg. “They know how to make things? I know how to make a mess.”

He decided on the future plan.

“There ain't no plan,” said Masaveg.

Even without a plan the houses still attract a lot of attention.

“I get a lot of people who say are you selling that? I say why? What would you do with it,” asked Masaveg. “I mean, do you enjoy it there? Well, yea — isn't that enough? You can go to the art museum, it's free, and walk around, but you don't get to take it home — everyone can enjoy it.”