OHIO — Many people who adopted puppies and cats during the pandemic are planning road trips for the spring and summer, now that some COVID-19 restrictions are being rolled back.

While it may seem exciting to humans, it may make pets feel uneasy being in a different environment after being home for so long.

With it being National Pet Week, Spectrum News sat down with Dr. Douglas Kratt, the president of the American Veterinary Medical Association, to discuss how owners can help their pets adapt to the on-the-road lifestyle. 

"I think one of the keys is to do it slowly," Kratt said. 

He suggests taking them for regular walks or short rides in the vehicles to prep them for the trip. He said to make it as positive of an experience as possible, and make sure your pet has a "safe zone" if it's feeling overwhelmed. 

But Kratt also said it's important to take breaks during long trips if they need it. 

"For myself and anybody else that's traveling, we kind of know when we need to be comfortable (and) how to be comfortable on some of these longer trips, and we need to make sure our pets are as well," Kratt said. 

As for how to know if it's too warm in the car for your pet, Kratt said look for excessive panting and movement. 

Watch the full interview above for Kratt's other tips on how to properly prepare for your pets for a road trip.