CLEVELAND — Dylan Fallon and Bac Nguyen have been sharing their culture and cuisine with Clevelanders since opening their restaurant, Ninja City, in 2014. This week, they’re serving up their traditional Asian and American bar food fusion.

What You Need To Know

  • Football fans from across the country are in the city of Cleveland for the NFL Draft

  • It’s the most-attended event held in Cleveland since the COVID-19 pandemic began, which means big business for the city’s restaurants

  • Many fans that aren’t from Cleveland won’t be leaving without getting “a taste of Cleveland” from restaurant owners who were chosen as vendors for the draft experience

“We’re serving today our steamed buns, which you can choose our barbecue pork or chicken or tofu, and then, we also have our chicken fried rice, our vegan fried rice or signature spring rolls and the Vietnamese noodle salad that we have,” said Fallon.

It’s an opportunity to feed thousands of football fans from across the country during the NFL draft.

“You know, when you get news or something that big, you're not even sure, like, it's just, like, a prank,  like, the official response?” Nguyen said.

But it was official that Ninja City is one of the local restaurants chosen by the NFL to be a “Taste of Cleveland” vendor.

Fallon and Nguywn said, as lifelong Clevelanders, they have many memories rooting for the Browns, and the experience is also one they’ll never forget.

“I’m a lifelong Cleveland sports fan, and to have an event like this that's a national event come to our hometown, it’s, you know, fills you with a lot of pride,” Fallon said.

“You see the excitement, because, you know, this is the first time it's ever happened in the city,” Nguyen said. “People all across the city and all kinds of industries, super excited.”

Fallon said the three-day NFL Draft experience is a chance to serve larger crowds after being forced to scale back because of the coronavirus pandemic. They’re hopeful that those from in and out of town, who get a taste of Ninja City, will come back for more.

“Of course, we want people to remember us because the foods,” Fallon said. “Food’s just awesome, but you know, we have a restaurant right down the street. It's a restaurant and bar. It’s been around for many, several years now and we hope that they'll, they'll take your experience here and meet us at the bar later.”