CLEVELAND — It's perfect picnic weather, and best friends and Cleveland natives Liz Hensel and Sam Solis are preparing one, but not for themselves. 

What You Need To Know

  • As the weather gets warmer, many people are breaking out their blankets and picnic baskets to enjoy an outdoor lunch

  • In Cleveland, one company is helping people create the perfect picnic with Lake Erie as a backdrop

  • Picnics by the Lake was launched to take the work out of picnic planning

“Today's picnic is a 24th birthday. Three girls are having a girls day,” Solis said. 

Just two months ago, the ladies launched Picnics by the Lake, Cleveland’s first luxury picnic company.

“We’re providing something special, taking out all the work for everyone, something unique,” Solis said. 

Not only do they create the set up for the picnic, they also tear it down, making sure their clients don't have to put in any work and can enjoy their time. 

“On a good day, maybe, maybe 25 minutes. If we're kind of customizing it, or changing it up a little bit, then it's a little longer,” Solis said. 

They also offer a range of decor, snacks and more to create what they call the outdoor picnic experience. 

“We provide fresh flowers. We also provide water and fresh bread that we get from the West Side Market." Solis said. 

Hansel said everything that they provide comes from a local Cleveland business.

“We want to focus on working with our local business and really give back to the local Cleveland economy, especially, you know because of COVID," Hensel said.

The friends said although the coronavirus pandemic created many challenges for them personally, it was actually what inspired them to create the business. 

“Are we ready to come outside? Are we comfortable? Some people are, some people aren't, so this is a simple fix for that," Solis said. 

And although this picnic is nothing short of luxurious, Solis said Picnics by the Lake offers multiple picnic packages at different price ranges. One has kids in mind, anoter is focused on being pet friendly and another is geared toward engagements and special occasions. 

“There's not a certain type of person that we want this picnic to be for we want to be for anyone,” Solis said.

Hensel is a Marine Corp veteran and she said she’s traveled the world and believes there's not better place to picnic than by this lake. 

“Book a picnic, come outside, drink sparkling cider or fancy glasses and just enjoy this beautiful day, looking at this beautiful skyline and having that pride that I am from Cleveland and here I am experiencing this experience,” Hensel said.

Picnics by the Lake hopes to operate seven days a week and has plans on expanding to create larger party picnic experiences in the future. ​