COLUMBUS, Ohio — Thirty years into his business career, Richard Conway continues to learn, design and develop new technologies. 

What You Need To Know

  • Delta H Technologies was founded in 1990

  • Its flagship product is a dual chamber, aerospace heat treating system

  • The business remains a family affair with Richard Conway and his children still having key roles in the company

The U.S. Air Force veteran is the Director and Chief Technology Officer of Delta H Technologies, a company he founded in 1990 while finishing his degree in industrial and systems engineering at Ohio State University. 

“You know, we're constantly innovating, constantly thinking of better ways of doing things, always seeking out the niche opportunities or emerging technologies, because there's plenty of worthy competitors out there,” said Conway. 

What makes Delta H unique is the company's flagship product, a dual chamber, aerospace heat treating system. 

The furnace is used to heat treat and repair components, eliminating the time an aircraft will be grounded waiting for new parts. 

Delta H currently has clients in the aerospace, automotive, defense industries and the medical field. 

“Particularly orthopedics, because that industry has recently adopted the aerospace specifications for control and calibration and everything,” Conway said. “So we have systems that are already set up for that and we have units in Malaysia.” 

What also makes the business, located in Carroll in Fairfield Township, unique is Delta H's family ties. 

Richard Conway's twin children, Neal and Ellen, have been on board for more than a decade — Neal as project manager and Ellen as vice president. 

“Couldn't get a good job, so let's just work for Dad, and all of a sudden, we both caught the bug in entrepreneurship and finding these niche markets and being strong business people in a growing economy,” said Neal Conway. 

“And he took me to an aircraft repair facility, and I’m like ‘oh my gosh, this is so cool’ and I explored that a little more and never looked back,” Ellen Merrill added. 

Conway's youngest son, Scott, remains overseas on active duty and has also worked at Delta H. 

Richard Conway said he realizes how lucky he is, and business is good. 

In recent years, the company added a dozen new jobs and invested upwards of a half million dollars in machinery and equipment. 

Conway said he looks forward to what the next 30 years will bring. 

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