With the introduction of our new podcast “Dear Ohio,” Spectrum News 1 Ohio has entered the ever-growing world of audio. It’s another way for Ohio’s award-winning journalists to connect with you on the latest original, thought-provoking local and national coverage, anywhere and anytime.

This increasingly popular digital audio format allows listeners to be informed and entertained at your convenience, on your schedule, without being tied to a computer or TV screen. It also gives Spectrum News 1’s news team an opportunity to dig deeper into a wide variety of stories, while offering unique and insightful content you won’t find anywhere else, including exclusive interviews, profiles and expert analysis.

If you’re new to podcasts, here’s some helpful information to get you started and listening.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is audio content that you can listen to on your phone, computer, or tablet.

Podcasts come in many formats, from interviews and news shows to serial fiction and performance. Most are prerecorded, and presented as episodes in a series tied together by subject or theme.

Why is it called a podcast?

Good question! Podcasts are called podcasts because when they first began to gain popularity in the mid-2000s, the Apple iPod was the most popular device for consuming digital audio. (This was back before your phone did literally everything.)

Why would I want to listen to a podcast?

People listen to podcasts for a variety of reasons — to keep up with current events, to learn more about a subject in which they’re interested, to be entertained, to kill a little downtime.

One of the biggest appeals of podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere, and while doing other things. Listeners aren’t committed to a screen for a half-hour, or an hour at a certain time of day or night. You can download a podcast, and play it at your leisure while jogging, or commuting, or doing housework, or mowing the grass. It’s the ultimate portable on-demand content.

Is there a podcast that pertains to my interests?

With an estimated 850,000 podcasts out there, you’re pretty much guaranteed find a podcast — or 20 — to like.

Are you into sports? You’re covered. (Boy, are you covered.) Are you into a particular sport or, even more specifically, a particular team? You’re likely covered there, too. Politics is another perennially popular topic, whether it’s local, national or a combination of the two. And that’s where our new podcast “Dear Ohio” comes in. Our anchor Curtis Jackson, who brings to the table decades of experience covering political news and events, will help you understand the issues facing our great state and what you can do about them! Here's a sneak peek:


How do I find and listen to a podcast?

You can listen on your phone and on your computer – your choice! Download the Spectrum News App and start listening this Wednesday. You can also listen in any of the popular podcast apps. In fact, most phones already come with a podcast app. Apple iPhones comes with the Podcasts app and Android phones come with a Google Podcasts app! You can also use apps like Spotify, Amazon Music, and our own Spectrum News app to listen! You can also listen on your computer by searching for a podcast you’re interested in and going to their website.

Here’s how to find podcasts on Apple mobile devices — for Android phones and tablets, the instructions are the same once you’ve headed to the Google Play store and installed the Google Podcasts app:

  1. Your iPhone or iPad should already have the Podcasts app installed. If not, go the App Store and get it
  2. Open the Podcasts app and tap the magnifying glass “search” icon, then type a subject (“Spectrum News 1 Ohio”) or podcast name (“Dear Ohio”) into the search bar
  3. Tap the podcast you’re interested in from the search results
  4. Select an episode to listen

If you enjoy the title you selected, make sure you tap the “subscribe” or “follow” button, depending on what app you use, on the podcast’s home page in the app, so new episodes will automatically be downloaded to your device as they become available.​