SPRINGBORO, Ohio — At the start of the pandemic, when there was no toliet paper, Lysol, wipes or hand sanitizer, two college students got an idea. 

“We noticed that the hand sanitizer and disinfectant was like gold,” said business owner Kyle Schmidt. 

That's when Will Schmidt,21, and his brother Kyle, 20, opened up a warehouse close to Dayton in Springboro, full of their own, cheaper “gold.”

What You Need To Know

  • Between college classes, the brothers opened their own business called Corvexe

  • It's a distribution company that sells industrial sized cleaning products to help other businesses fight COVID-19

  • The brothers hope to expand the business in the future 

“We started in the garage just strictly as a distributor. Once inventory levels took over, that’s when we came to Springboro,” said Will.

Inside the warehouse they named Corvexe, there’s stacks of industrial-sized chemical cleaning products, wipes, and hand sanitizer that they’ve been selling to other business. 

“Customers will get this and they can use this in whether it’s a spray bottle, or a fogging machine or mister," said Will.

Before the pandemic, the brothers wanted to run it as a distribution company with much different chemicals.

“We’re starting to install water tanks w —e’re gonna have mixing tanks in the back,” said Will, describing their plans for after the pandemic.

The two business owners said they plan to start mixing their own chemicals to create cheaper cleaning products from scratch. 

But the brothers aren’t lab scientists. They’ve hired others to help with that, including their own dad, a chemical engineer.

“It’s a full-time thing for us,” said Kyle.

They are busy not only running the business, but running to class. They’re also full-time college students at the University of Dayton studying marketing and finance. And they say Corvexe is just the beginning.

“It was almost kind of like a dream for us,” said Kyle.

Even after the pandemic is all over, the two brothers said they’re not done yet. They hope to continue to expand the company to meet the needs in the community.