DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio — When the pandemic began, countless businesses had to figure out a way to make their operations possible in work-from-home settings.

And for one southwest Ohio company, it’s their job to streamline that process. 

What You Need To Know

  • Interlink Cloud Advisors are doubling its workforce

  • This is possible because the company will receive an Ohio job creation tax credit

  • Interlink has grown over the pandemic due to the increased need for remote computer technology like cloud services

  • Interlink aims to hire and retain interns and local college graduates

Interlink Cloud Advisors is growing its workforce by 100% thanks to an Ohio job creation tax credit.

President and Co-Founder Matt Scherocman said 16 new career opportunities will be added at its Deerfield Township office. 

“The fun part is we’re going to put all that back into employee training and development and recruitment so we can continue that growth, which is pretty awesome,” Scherocman said. 

He said the newly created jobs are opportunities to retain interns. 

John Rice, who started as an intern with the company, is now the marketing manager for Interlink.

“The experience as a marketing intern was great,” Rice said. “Then able to come on full-time after graduation was great especially in the COVID environment. I know a lot of people aren’t hiring but Interlink is growing.” 

Scherocman said Interlink has been able to grow thanks in part to how our lives have changed over the past year.

“COVID’s come along. Everybody’s been at home. They need to work remotely, they need to still collaborate, and they’ve gotta do it securely,” he said. “And that’s the challenge, right? You gotta do all those things quickly. We sell the tools that help people do that with Microsoft Cloud, and that’s really helped our business propel and grow.” 

All current employees, like Rice, have been working remotely but are excited for what’s on the horizon. 

“To me it’s invaluable,” Rice said. “I know I have security at Interlink. I know I have growth opportunities at interlink and I mean that’s all you can ask for is a growing company that’s willing to invest in you as an employee.” 

For more on Interlink visit its website.