CINCINNATI — Sidney Lawn Landscaping owner Jeff Weigandt has been hard at work plowing away the snow since 4 a.m. 

What You Need To Know

  • Sidney Lawn Landscaping Owner Jeff Weigandt and his crew were out early on Sunday clearing up the snow

  • They helped clear up snow for Sidney-area businesses including high schools

  • Northwest Ohio received more than 4 inches of snow on Sunday

  • Although this is the largest amount the area has seen in a while, Weigandt says he's seen worse

Although this is the largest amount of snow this area has seen in a while, Weigandt says he’s seen worse.

 “I remember in the blizzard of '78.’ I was drug out when I was 10 years old shoveling sidewalks so this is nothing,” he said.

However, the pandemic has posed some challenges for his year-round business.

“Starting out, we had some work fall off because people were cutting back, but it has seemed to pick back up. We’re doing a little bit more here and there and doing (a) few things differently,” he said.

But despite these challenges, Weigandt said he’s glad to have such a hard-working team of employees to work by his side.

“I’ve got awesome help,” he said. “I’m grateful for them, they get up in the morning, get on it, get out and hit the snow.”

And with the help of his employees he’s been able to make an easy transition between his landscaping work in the summer, to snow plowing in the winter.

“It’s just the idea of prepping the equipment and changing the function of the equipment,” he said. “The skid runners are running a lot different (of) stuff in the summer versus now and we put the buckets on and they are like a tank to get through this stuff.”

Although it’s been a bumpy start to the new year, Weigandt said he’s optimistic about the future of this business.

"First part is still going to be a challenge but I would probably say about around September all of this will hopefully be getting back towards normal,” he said.