COLUMBUS, Ohio — Spectrum News 1 has created a new 30-minute TV show about the barriers black students face in higher education.

What You Need To Know

  •  Glass Walls: Black Experiences in Higher Education new show on Spectrum News 1

  • The mini-documentary looks at issues Black students face on college campuses
  • Glass Walls is hosted by Spectrum News 1 Education Reporter Tonisha Johnson

With Glass Walls: Black Experiences in Higher Education, Spectrum News 1 examines some of the issues Black students face on college campuses and investigates the strategies universities are employing to bring fairness to higher education.

Glass Walls tackles topics such as systemic racism and implicit bias.

The show also delves into how such bias limits students of color in their pursuit of college degrees.

Spectrum News 1 examined the issue at The Ohio State University because it is the biggest institution of higher learning in the state. 

Ohio State administrators acknowledged to Spectrum News 1 the problems exist at the university and Glass Walls asked OSU leaders what they’re doing to address these issues.

Three former Ohio State students shared their experiences with Glass Walls.

Glass Walls also spoke to the president of a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) about what those schools can teach their non-HBCU counterparts about inclusion.

The mini documentary is hosted by Spectrum News 1 Education Reporter Tonisha Johnson.