CINCINNATI — Meet Tyeast Quick, the founder of Brown Girl Paper Company. Lately, she's been working on designing one of her newest holiday cards.


What You Need To Know

  • Tyeast Quick recently started her Brown Girl Paper Company

  • It's a Black-owned stationery company that highlights Black culture

  • Tyeast started the business to provide people of color a different option when it comes to cards

“I started the company to honor people of color — specifically women of color,” said Quick. “I wanted to add more choices for women of color. I wanted to add more choices and voices to the world of stationery.”

This new stationary company has a variety of different lines. Right now, she’s offering her holiday cards, which include Black Santa and historical Black figures. The cards can even be customized.

“I just wanted a place and a company where people people of color could come and know that there is a stationary line created and curated with them specially in mind,” she said.

One of Quck's newest customers Denia Williams said it's so important to support Black-owned businesses.

“I think that we fall so far back, like behind on the shadows and we do great things and produce great work as you can see, and I just feel like it’s important for us to support and give back,” said Williams.

As quick looks to expand her business she says she would like to start customizing notepads.

“Being an educator a lot of the children, their names are spelled differently,” said Quick. “So, they can’t just go into Walmart and see their names on a notepad. So, I want people to be able to come an order notepads and stationery for their children and their name because it really means something and honors who we are.”

For more information, visit the Brown Girl Paper Company Facebook page.