CINCINNATI, Ohio—If 2020 has given us anything, it’s more time at home with our families. And that may mean more home projects and getting organized. Two Ohio women are using their teaching backgrounds to help families keep their children’s spaces more manageable and give them some independence.

What You Need To Know

  • Christine Trimmer and Aubrey Wallen started Casa Design two years ago

  • The women are both educators and specialize on making spaces more functional for children

  • The business owners believe that when a space is organized in a better way, it can help children be more independent and willing to help around the house

​Walking into a cluttered playroom doesn’t always give the best vibes. 

Which is why Christine Trimmer and Aubrey Wallen created Casa Design two years ago.

“Let’s go into the home and show parents how to teach their children that yes you can help in the house and yes you can be more independent,"Trimmer said.

The business owners say many parents complained about their child’s behavior at home versus at school, which is why they wanted to change how playrooms are utilized. 

“At school they were hearing my child cleans up after himself, my child wants to help vacuum, my child wants to straighten the shelf," Trimmer said. "But at home they weren’t doing that.”

The duo met at Xavier University as students and both ended up becoming teachers. They say their expertise in child development allows them to create a more functional space for kids of all ages.

“We spend a lot of time as teachers preparing our classrooms so children can go right to work," Wallen said. "And there’s no reason that a playroom can’t be set up for children to get right to work.”

And these ladies do have a system to make it all work- first by making a mess.

“What I will probably do is just dump this and then sift through what I think should be put away and what can stay in here," Wallen said.

And then categorizing

“Within things that we’re keeping, we make categories," Wallen explained.

Until eventually they have a space that makes both parents and kids happy.

“When they see how overtaken their homes are with their children’s things, they’re like o my gosh, it doesn’t have to be this way, I can get organized," Wallen said.

Trimmer and Wallen only organize on the weekends right now, but hope to eventually expand their business and maybe end up like the ever popular home organizers, the Home Edit.

“I love the Home Edit girls," Trimmer said. "So who knows, maybe one day we’ll have our own show!”