AKRON, Ohio — Gypsy Grace and the Vintage Goat has been in its West Hill location for five years now.

"Spiritual, metaphysical, welcoming," is how Co-owner Angel Grace describes the shop. "We want to be a one stop shop for our customers."

Grace and Joe Scheibe didn't always they were going to open any type of business.

"Angel was an instructor, and I was in the army," said Co-owner Joe Schiebe.

They want to not only welcome customers but other entrepreneurs as well. Assuring them that West Hill is a great place to set up shop.

"We have huge traffic flow through Market Avenue," said Schiebe. "It works out really well."

They are positioned in the middle of downtown and Highland Square.

"Downtown is zero, we're 400 block and Highland Square is 800 block," said Schiebe. "We are actually in walking distance from downtown and Highland Square."

They already inspired one business to move in next door.

Matthew Moore owns Leaf. He's been a florist for more than 10 years and has been in horticulture his whole life.

"Part of our reason for choosing this location, too, was next door there's already a store," said Moore. "We're really hoping to create a little district.”

Currently Leaf is renovating their permanent space, which neighbors Gypsy Grace. They are temporarily in the building behind the two shops. Once renovations are complete they hope to move to their permanent location in November, freeing up the building they're currently occupying.

"I do know of lots of young businesses in the area who are looking for a home,” Moore said.

Leaf is hoping to find another local business to move in behind them making this duo of shops a trio.

All three owners are very supportive of each other and other local businesses and want anyone who is interested in owning their own shop to give them a call.

"Just do it," Grace said. "What's stopping you?"

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