COLUMBUS, Ohio — Throughout the state, candidates in several districts are vying for a seat. There's also an important race going on in the Ohio Supreme Court. Below is a list of key races to watch, where you can get to know the candidates and where they stand on certain issues. 

Congressional Race in OH-1

For more than two decades, Rep. Steve Chabot has represented the greater Cincinnati area in Congress. But his challenger, former health care executive Kate Schroder, says he as under-delivered. 

Congressional Race in OH-4

Rep. Jim Jordan has been easily reelected six times, sometimes by as much as 30 or 40 points. But Shannon Freshour, a former paralegal who once interned on Capitol Hill, is the first Democrat challenging Jordan to raise over a million dollars.

Congressional Race in OH-10

Rep. Mike Turner, a former two-term mayor of Dayton, has been a fixture in the city’s politics for 25 years, which is one of the reasons Democrat Desiree Tims is running against him.

Congressional Race in OH-12

This district has been represented by moderate Republicans like Congressman Troy Balderson since the 1980s. But Democrat Alaina Shearer thinks she has an opening in this election cycle. 

Congressional Race in OH-13

Incumbent Rep. Tim Ryan argues his many years in Congress provides the district with a good seat at the table in Washington. But Republican Christina Hagan feels Ryan has had long enough to prove himself. 

Congressional Race in OH-14

Incumbent Republican Dave Joyce is hoping voters appreciate his efforts over the last seven years, but his challenger, Navy combat veteran and first-time politician, Hillary O’Connor Mueri says there needs to be more focus on the residents who live there. 

Ohio Supreme Court

In this race, a justice who has served eight years on the court is going up against an appellate judge who once served as Secretary of State. 

2nd Senate District

A state senator seeking a full four-year term against a challenger who thinks the current senator has no business being in the statehouse at all.

4th Senate District

These candidates faced off two years ago in a contest for a state House seat. One is a current state representative looking for a bigger platform, and the other is a small business owner and community volunteer who wants to put "people over politics."

6th Senate District

One candidate has been a state representative for a number of years. The other spent more than a decade serving our country.

6th House District

This race pits a freshman legislator seeking re-election against an opponent with state and federal government experience.

16th Senate District

Two women who both have a history of fighting for women and children are up for this district seat. While both agree on several factors like Gov. Mike DeWine's mask mandate, they do different on how to handle the economy. 

16th House District

The race features an incumbent with more than a decade of local and state government experience and a challenger who feels the current representative has not been serving in the best interest of her constituents.

18th Senate District

One candidate is an attorney who previously ran for Congress. The other is a current county commissioner and retired business executive.

19th House District

The competition features two women: one a freshman legislator seeking re-election against a political newcomer and public servant.

23rd House District

The incumbent who is the highest-ranking woman in the House and apart of the majority leadership team is up against a Pastor who describes herself as a community advocate and grassroots organizer.

24th Senate District

An incumbent is seeking re-election, and has also spent three terms serving in the House of Representatives. His challenger is a political newcomer who feels his district is not being properly represented by the current leadership.

28th House District

The race features a freshman legislator seeking re-election against a challenger looking to add another chapter to his lengthy public service record.

32nd Senate District

Both of the candidates have the same last name, but they aren't related. And other than their names, they don't really have much in common. 

36th House District

There are two candidates who are actually working side-by-side right now. Although they work together, it doesn't mean they're on the same page with every topic. 

43rd House District

A county commissioner is up against a former public school teacher.

55th House District

One of the more powerful Republican representatives is looking to defend her seat against a Democrat who has gone from campaign staffer to putting his name on the ticket.

59th House District

The competition features a newly-appointed lawmaker against a public school teacher looking to bring a new type of leadership to the Statehouse.

60th House District

One candidate has legislative experience. The other is a small-business owner who has run for public office before.

89th House District

This matchup features a current state representative who was appointed a little more than a year ago and a small business owner who has her eyes on the prize.

96th House District

Unlike most of the races, this one features three candidates. Two of the three candidates say they are running to better represent the district, while the other says his experience will keep things going in the right direction.

99th House District

Both candidates have a background in education. One is a state leader. The other implements the decision handed down to them.