AKRON, Ohio — Some might consider electric scooters the transportation of the future. And it’s now available on the University of Akron’s campus.

What You Need To Know

  • The University of Akron has 100 electric scooters available on campus

  • The scooters are provided by Spin, a San Francisco-based company

  • The university said the scooters will eventually be available in downtown Akrom

University of Akron freshman Rhandy Grainger is taking a ride on the new Spin scooters.

"It’s just a fun, easy way to get around. You can take it to go eat, to class, it really comes to handy sometimes.” 

To ride the scooters, you have to unlock it with your phone, put in your credit card information and start riding.

“They’ve only been on campus for less than a week. I was out here on Monday riding one myself, and I saw 15 to 20 students within an hours time riding across campus,” said Jared Coleman, University of Akron's Director of Parking and Transportation Services.  

Coleman said Spin will eventually expand to Downtown Akron, and workers from the San Francisco-based company come to the campus twice a day to rebalance and sanitize. 

And while students are eager to try the scooters out, this is another way to make getting around campus more convenient. 

“You have class on one end of campus, and then a back to back class the other end of campus with only say 15 minutes in between, a bus probably isn’t going to get you there on time, but something like this can help.” 

A new form of transportation, scooting onto Akron’s campus.