CLEVELAND, Ohio – Despite the pandemic, Ohio’s annual sales tax holiday is on this weekend, giving parents a break when buying back to school supplies.

What You Need To Know

  • The sales tax holiday saves Ohio taxpayers around $19 million

  • It falls on the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every August

  • There's no tax on clothing up to $75, and school supplies and instructional materials at $20 or less

Everyone knows shoppers love a bargain.

Lora Miller, director of the Council of Retail Merchants, said she expects customers will be spending more on supplies as more and more students switch to virtual learning this year.

“What that experience is going to look like—they are going to be prepared for an at-home experience as well, so they are going to be buying more computers, laptops, accessories, printers for the home that the student will need for their home learning,” Miller said.

Tax Free Weekend is always the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every August thanks to Senate Bill 226.

According to the Department of Taxation, the sales tax holiday saves Ohio taxpayers more than $19 million, but because of the pandemic, the department is still trying to figure out how much it will cost the state this year.

Struggling local governments across Ohio could feel the effect, too. But in Sandusky, where tourism numbers have dropped drastically this year, city leaders aren’t worried.

“Well, in Erie County, we are not too concerned about it,” said Matt Old, Erie County commissioner. “The sales tax holiday I think will help families, will help low income people, way more than it hurts Erie government. We are fortunate to be in a good financial position, all things considered. I can see how other governments may be concerned. “