CINCINNATI, Ohio—With policing agencies under scrutiny across the country, many are looking at ways to change their policies or add more non-lethal force. 

What You Need To Know

  • The BolaWrap is made to be used in mental crisis to restrict a suspect

  • After the death of George Floyd, more policing agencies are looking into non-lethal devices.

  • The Cincinnati Police Department is seriously considering adding the BolaWrap to the department

​The Cincinnati Police Department was shown a new non-lethal that they could add to their tool belt. It’s called the BolaWrap. You would aim it at your suspect and then it would restrain them in order for you to arrest them. 

The restraining device wraps a cord around a suspects legs and torso to allow police time to apprehend the person. The non-lethal device is meant to be used in a mental crisis. 

“Police work isn’t perfect right?" Mike Rothans the COO of Wrap Technologies said. "So there is no perfect device for every situation. Not one device fits all. But this device is meant to be used much earlier in an encounter to deescalate a situation by restricting somebody’s mobility.”

“This is something that they would anticipate being deployed very early in an encounter," Chief Eliot Isaac with the Cincinnati Police Department said. "And that’s where we want to be able to do that. And bring it to a peaceful and safe resolution.”

Cincinnati police and Hamilton County Sheriff’s office got to see the BolaWrap up close and personal. Chief Eliot Isaac even volunteering to have it used on himself.

“There is no pain," Chief Isaac said. "But it is definitely very restricting and that’s kind of what we’re looking for.”

After the death of George Floyd, more agencies are looking for change. Employees with BolaWrap say they’ve had more inquires than ever before. 

“Police agencies need to look to the future," Rothans said. "We need to change the way we do policing, it’s been talked about for a long time, particularly when it comes to use of force. That’s really relevant today.”

“This is a prime example of an opportunity that we’re exploring to where we do no harm," Chief Isaac said. "We have to bring these encounters to peaceful resolutions and we certainly don’t want to have to hurt someone if there’s another option to prevent that.”

Chief Isaac was impressed with the presentation and while there’s no timetable for when the device could make its way to the tool belt of a Cincinnati Police Officer, he feels it would be a great addition to his department.

“Something that we definitely want to move forward with and really see if this is going to be a good option for Cincinnati," Chief Isaac said.