STOW, Ohio — Fitness facilities across the state officially reopened Tuesday as part of Governor Mike DeWine’s Responsible Restart Ohio Plan.

What You Need To Know

  • Ohio fitness facilities reopened Tuesday 

  • ODH issued mandatory guidelines for gym owners

  • Facilities are required to limit capacity, social distance, routinely disinfect equipment

The Ohio Department of Health issued mandatory guidelines for gym owners to follow before welcoming members.

Under the state's guidelines, facilities are required to limit capacity, social distance with six feet between members, routinely disinfect equipment before and after use, and post signage recommending face coverings.

"We've really opened up the space in the gym, we established a cleaning protocol, we emailed all the athletes saying, ‘look when you show up, you got to wash your hands,’ I have them each grab their own individual towel to clean with and we put that right into a hamper when we're done,” said Jason Elrod, owner of Crossfit Steels Corners in Stow.

Elrod says he's already seeing an increase in membership.

"Honestly, in the next week, I'm gonna add probably 10 more new members because people are so excited to get out and work out, they realize the value and the detriment of staying in your house and not moving."

Elizabetta Deblasio has been crossfit training for four years. She was one of the first members to return to the CrossFit gym.

"I'm really happy to be back to see my family, my crew, start pushing myself, being happy and healthy again. We've got plenty of space, we got all kinds of cleaning equipment, we're keeping our distance and being respectful of each other, you know, we don't want to put anyone at risk, but we still want to be healthy,” said Deblasio.

Elrod says it’s unclear if he will be able to make up for the lost revenue, but he's encouraging people to stay physically active— a key component to living a healthy life.

"I think fitness is so important. I know the handwashing and social distancing is really important too, but I feel like the number one thing you can do to contribute to your health and immune system is be physically active and eat well,” said Elrod.