NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio — It was a sold-out Saturday night at the Aut-O-Rama in North Ridgeville, as people lined up in their cars to get into the family-owned drive-in that’s been around since 1965. 

    What You Need To Know

    • Tickets can only be purchased online

    • Cars are spaced apart to ensure social distancing

    • Extra portable bathrooms are being brought in so there's no overcrowdedness

"I think it’s pretty cool. I’m pretty sure everybody has been cooped up in their house. You can tell the line out the entrance was all the way into the street because we are all sick of just being in our house watching TV and it’s just cool to get out and leave the living room," said Logal Rivette, of Medina.

Drive-in theaters lend themselves to social distancing because moviegoers can sit in their car or the cab of their truck— far enough away from everyone else.

However, the Aut-O-Rama is taking extra steps to keep everyone safe.  
"We are doing online ticketing, we are reducing our capacity. Right now we are doing half capacity to  what we normally do, concession stand, we are only doing walk-up windows so people are not allowed in the building, we have extra bathrooms, porta-potties we brought in, we are limiting the tickets we sell to follow the policy, we are allowing cars to park one per spot so there’s plenty of distancing between cars,” said Del Sherman, co-owner of Aut-O-Rama. 
While people were getting ready for the movie, you could see them talking to each other and were happy to see others during this health crisis.  

“It feels good to get out of the house, but still maintain social distancing," said Melissa Rutti, of Brunswick. 

 "I’m so glad to be out of the house, these kids are killing me and they are eating me out of house and home,” said Melissa Wilson, of New London.