COLUMBUS, Ohio — Perhaps now more than ever we all need to find ways to stay connected with each other.

That's the goal behind Voices of Resilience, a podcast series produced by The Shipyard CEO Rick Milenthal and featuring insights from some of Ohio's brightest minds in the medical industry. 

    What You Need To Know

    • The coronavirus pandemic is shedding light on the importance of our emotional well being, perhaps now more than ever

    • It’s estimated 1 in 4 adults suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year

    • May is Mental Awareness Month and a new podcast is giving some attention and support when so many are struggling 

Clinical Director of Ohio State Wexner Medical Center's Stress, Trauma and Resilience Program, Dr. Kennth Yeager says he wants to assure listeners that what we’ve experienced in recent months is a normal reaction to abnormal circumstances. 

“The goal of the podcast is to use this pandemic to say look, mental illness is a one in four thing in the United States, but it's a one in one thing when you're experiencing a crisis situation,” said Dr. Yeager. 

“We call it re-motional health, this idea of, you know, being remote is actually causing a lot of stress and anxiety in the world. The big difference is, for one of the first times, is we all know it. We're all joined together on this issue,” said Milenthal. 

Dr. Yeager says social distancing doesn't equate to social isolation. For people who already suffer from depression and anxiety, the pandemic can compound those issues exponentially.

And as the stress and uneasiness surface as people return to work and routines, Dr. Yeager hopes there can be an understanding and acknowledgment that "normal" may take a while. 

“You're not going to get into your favorite restaurant right away, and you're not going to be able to get into your haircut appointment right away, because its not only you but its 100 other people if not more,” said Dr. Yeager. 

“Business people should not define themselves by this pandemic. This is quite a headwind right now. But stay optimistic and lean in, connect with your customers, and I think you'll see good things,” said Milenthal. 

Dr. Yeager says beyond the spotlight on mental health, he wants listeners to appreciate the facts and science ​behind the pandemic.

“To arm themselves with the science of separation, with the science of masks, with the science of taking care of one another, because if we focus on taking care of one another, and we focus less on what's being taken from us, we'll cope with this much better,” said Dr. Yeager. 

Voices of Resilience Podcast Series is available on the Apple and Google platforms.