COLUMBUS, Ohio — “Since the Coronavirus started to spread across the U.S., our network began to reach out to us because we have the technology with pharmacies, as well as a nationwide courier network, and they asked us to put together a patient-consumer-focused solution,” said ScriptDrop Founder Nick Potts. 

  • Columbus-based ScriptDrop has experienced a 500 percent increase in customers across the country in recent weeks
  • They have hired 30 employees in Columbus and intend to hire 15,000 drivers across the country
  • The company was started four years ago by Nick Potts 

Potts says during this time of uncertainty, it's time for his company to shine on a national platform.

The company delivers prescriptions from your pharmacy to your doorstep. 

And in the weeks since Ohio has been under stay-at-home orders, ScriptDrop has seen a 500 percent increase in orders. 

“We effectively were asked to scale what would have taken us another two years as far as volume and just number of contracts and that's been condensed down to two or three months. We're handling it really really well. But we definitely have a long road ahead of us to impact as many lives as possible,” said Potts. 

Patients request a delivery by texting the word “DELIVER” to 727478. 

Once they pay a co-pay and fill out information on a web-app, ScriptDrop contacts the patient's pharmacy and the prescription is filled, a driver then picks up the prescription and with social distancing in mind, delivers it to the patient's front porch.

“Working with a very small population to the entire United States of America has really tested us in good ways. We've been able to provide more prescriptions to more people then we ever have in the history of the company,” said ScriptDrop Manager of People and Talent Dominique Phillips. 

Potts says ScriptDrop serviced 4,000 customers in March, but expects to see demand rise to 100,000 by the first of next month.

The company has already hired 30 employees in Columbus and is recruiting 15,000 drivers nationwide to help with the demand for prescription drug delivery. 

Potts says he's impressed by Ohio companies rising to the challenge on a daily basis and says our state has shined during times of great turmoil and is setting an example for other states across the country. 

For more information, check out their website.