NATIONAL — With social-distancing in full swing, our pets are experiencing one of two things: enjoying having their humans home, or they’re struggling to deal with the fact that their human is “essential” and missing you. 

If they're doing the former, then congratulations, they’re probably very happy to have you. 

But if they're in the latter group, then we want to thank you for your hard work and help you take care of them.

Of course, only you know what's best for your pet. But if you have to leave them we want to give you the best general advice we can from what we've discovered.

The great news is, most pet-sheltering options are still considered “essential,” so that gives you options. Here are our suggestions:

  • Check With Your Regular Vet: If boarding is available there, ask whether they offeri anything to help right now. Many are, and will make sure you have the assistance you both need.
  • Check Google: If your regular vet isn’t taking board-ins, then search “pet boarding” in your area. Check the reviews to make sure you’re calling someone reputable. When you do call, ask whether they have availabilities and are offering a special rate.
  • Bring Things They’re Used To: If your pet has a special toy or bed, ask if you can bring things with you. Making sure your pet is boarded with something familiar will make them much more comfortable. 
  • Checking In On Them: Some vets or boarding services are requesting that people not visit their pets unless they’re picking them up. Ask about this before you go back to see them. If not, ask if you’re allowed to call to check on them. Ask about their food consumption and how they’re dealing without you. 

Finally, pets know that you love them. Whether or not you choose to board them should be solely based on your availability. You would rather have them healthy and lonely than lonely and destructive to themselves or your home. 

Please check with professionals to decide what’s best for your pets. And, again, thank you for keeping our communities running during this hard time.