TALLMADGE, Ohio — For many people, springtime symbolizes baseball and softball season, but due to COVID-19, many schools and leagues have cancelled or postponed the season. That means thousands of athletes are without an outlet during this stressful time.

A Northeast Ohio training coach is now providing that outlet virtually.

  • In Tallmadge, a former professional softball player is providing virtual training
  • D & M Sports Training is offering one-on-one hitting lessons online to kids and high school and college baseball and softball players
  • There are also other features available to focus on skills and prepare for seasons ahead

Micaela Minner, owner of D & M Sports Training in Tallmadge, is a former professional softball player. She played for the Akron Racers, now known as the Cleveland Comets, and played college ball at the University of Missouri. 

For the last decade, she's been privately training kids, high school and Division I athletes in the batter's box and on the field. 
"You'd get on the hitting tee and I would film you and then we'd sit down and I would compare them to a top hitter, so either a Division I player or pro player so they can see themselves side by side," said Minner. 
With a statewide stay at home order in place, Minner is unable to train her athletes face to face, something that could take a mental toll on her more than 100 softball and baseball players. 
"That is a part of their mental health. With athletes, they're so used to being active and when you take that away from them that's gonna affect them more mentally than adults understand." 
Minner is now thinking outside the box, providing virtual hitting lessons. 
With baseball and softball season on hold, she says it's the perfect time to continue training and preparing for seasons ahead. 
"There's gonna be a summer season, there's gonna be a fall season and if you stop training now, you're gonna be very very behind and, in fact, if you keep training, you're gonna get ahead because there are gonna be a lot of athletes that just stop," said Minner. 
Through her online training program, athletes will get one-on-one hitting lessons, a swing analysis breakdown, nutrition, workout plans and sports psychology. 
"My goal is with this online training, is to keep them on the same track they were on to be ready for their next season. If you're an athlete and you want to be prepared for the future, you've got to still be training, whether it's with me or somebody else," Minner said. 
To sign up for online training, visit this website