AKRON, OHIO — Hospitals nationwide are overwhelmed with coronavirus patients and testing sites continue to see long lines of people. In an effort to reduce those numbers, a new online survey is up and running for people to assess their symptoms at home.

  • Tells patients where they stand on a risk scale
  • Patients can request the survey and will be linked up with their healthcare provider before the survey is issued
  • Available to healthcare providers nationwide

 The digital survey was created by two Northeast Ohio tech companies — GeneratorWorks in Akron and SmartDocMD in Cleveland. 
The online survey asks people a series of questions, including symptoms and potential Covid-19 exposure. People will then find out where they land on a risk scale —red being the most at risk. 
"This survey, SecurePass, is being delivered through our healthcare community so we can directly connect with those patients that may be at a higher level, at a red level," said Blake Squires, CEO of GeneratorWorks. "Testing has been slow to roll out and what it does is provide the data to let us know really what's going on out there. It's not just about understanding from a patient side, but being able to prioritize and triage these folks remotely, which is key." 
SecurePass uses clinical algorithms that combine CDC guidelines for risk assessment, patient symptoms and medical commodities. 
Patients can request to take the survey online and they will be linked up with their healthcare provider before being issued the survey. It takes just a few minutes to complete and is available to healthcare providers nationwide. 
Squires says the survey will help ease the burden of our healthcare system and testing sites and keep those with the lowest risk at home. 
"There is no other tool that we know of that gets into the clinical aspects to provide decision support for healthcare professionals. It will absolutely help our infrastructure and our hospital systems that are being overwhelmed," said Squires. 
To request a survey, click here.