COLUMBUS, Ohio — While the COVID-19 outbreak is forcing gyms, fitness centers and studios across the country to temporarily close, the yoga community is taking the challenge and focusing on growth. 

  • Modo Yoga is offering classes online and through Instagram Live
  • The digital platform has allowed Modo Yoga to reconnect with members of the community
  • When business returns to normal, the owner plans to utilize what he’s learned during the digital shift

Modo Yoga has about 75 locations worldwide. Their Columbus location is among those with their doors closed.

Modo Yoga Columbus Co-Owner Chad Underwood says, "The silver lining in all of this is it's mobilized not only our studio, but other studios throughout Columbus and all over the world, to start putting online classes together".

During the temporarily closure of their physical studio, Modo Yoga is now offering classes online and through Instagram Live. ​ 

"Yoga is something where you can find a sense of calm, a sense of peace, in stressful situations and people are looking for new avenues to help them process during this time," said Underwood.  
The yoga community is also finding strength through support.

"We're seeing a ton of engagement within the studio-owner community to create live classes and share content. A lot of people might look at another yoga studio as a competitor, but we really focus on our mission to provide as much yoga to our community as possible. We all do it in our individual ways and this has brought our community together,” Underwood said. 

Offering classes on digital platforms has also allowed Modo Yoga to reconnect with several members of the community.

"We have so many students that over the last four to five years have moved away, and we've in a way gotten those students back into our community because they can connect to us from Denver, New York, Florida, or wherever it is," said Underwood. 

When Modo Yoga is back to business as usual, Underwood plans to utilize what he's learned during this digital shift.

"Maybe we continue to offer a live class a week on our internet platforms so we can still create that since of community for our students that have moved away, or they're on vacation, or wherever they may be," he said.