BLUE ASH, Ohio- There’s a shortage of many supplies like N95 masks, that’s keeping first responders and hospitals from being safe while doing their jobs. But through many partnerships and years of preparation, Matthew 25 Ministries is stepping up to the plate to provide for many organizations.

  • Matthew 25 Ministries has provided a total of approximately 33 skids (Almost 20,000 pounds of supplies) to approximately 90 organizations in the greater Cincinnati area.
  • They have been providing disaster relief aid since 1991

All week long. Matthew 25 Ministries loaded up two skids full of supplies, like paper towels, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and provided them to health organizations and first responders. They are providing valuable supplies for approximately 90 organizations in the greater Cincinnati area. 

CEO Tim Mettey said no one is more prepared to help than Matthew 25 Ministries. 

“You know right now we’re really able to help those partners throughout the United States that really are low in supplies, especially here in Ohio,” Mettey said. “We’ve had a lot of people reach out to us, and we’re dividing it up as best as we can.” 

Matthew 25 Ministries is an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization that has been providing aid since 1991. 

And right now, due to the coronavirus pandemic, their normally large operation is reduced to just a handful of employees to protect the health of all their staff. But that’s not stopping them from helping as many people as they can. 

“Our staff here of about 30 is doing a remarkable job getting the supplies together,” Mettey said. “We’re just grateful we’re able to help Ohioans and people across the United States.

But in the meantime, Mettey said it’s very important for everyone to keep their cool, not panic, and follow instructions for officials.

“Really, it’s just so we don’t overwhelm our health system,” he said. “And that’s the most important thing. We all can do our part with this. This is going to be for the long haul. We’re going to feel these repercussions from this for a long time. We’re all in it together.”

If you would like more information or are interested in donating or volunteering with Matthew 25 Ministries, you can visit their website at